Biography of Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Günter Petzow

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Biography of Günter Petzow

Günter Petzow was born on July 8, 1926, in Nordhausen/Harz in Germany. He studied Chemistry and Physical Metallurgy at the University of Stuttgart and the Max-Planck-Institute for Metals Research. He received his Master Degree (Dipl.-Ing) in 1956 and finished his Ph.D. - Thesis ( Dr. rer. nat. ) on Phase Equilibria of Quarternary Metallic Systems in 1959.

He was Executive Managing Director of Max-Planck-Institute for Metals Research in Stuttgart and also Professor at the Universities of Stuttgart and Berlin, where he teaches courses in equilibrium phase diagrams and powder metallurgy; he is now retired. His main scientific interests are concerned with problems in the field of physical metallurgy, powder metallurgy , special ceramics and with phase diagram of metallic and ceramic materials. He is the author and co-author of more than 600 research papers, 10 books, and holds 27 patents.

Some of his important papers and publications are on phase equilibria between intermetallic compounds to the knowledge ofperitectic reactions, constitution and properties of cermets, metallography, high-temperature materials, beryllium and its compounds, liquid phase sintering, particle rearrangement, metallographic etching, toughening of ceramics, Sialon-ceramics, sintering of Si³N4 - ceramics, metal-ceramics interfaces and processing of advanced ceramics.

Dr. Petzow was President of the German Society for Materials and acts on the board of directors of several scientific societies. He was chairman of the European Action COST 507 " Measurement and Evaluation of Thermochemical and Thermophysical Properties to Provide a Database for the Development of New Light Alloys. " He is editor of the journal " Practical Metallography ", editor-in-chief of " Zeitschrift für Metallkunde ", editor of the book series " Ternary Alloys " and member of serveral scientific academies and advisory boards. r

G. Petzow has recieved several awards, among them the endowed Schlumberger Professorship, doctor honoris causa ( Dr. h.c. ) of the Tokyo Institute of Technology, honorary doctor (Dr. Ing.E.h. ) of the Hanyang University of Seoul, honorary doctor ( Dr. mont. h.c. ) of the Montan - University of Leoben / Austria, the University of Dresden ( Dr. - Ing.h.c. ) and the University of Genova ( Dr. chim.ind.h.c ), the honorary professorship of Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Academia Sinica, Shanghai / China. The Hume - Rothery Prize, the Henry Clifton Sorby Award, the Roland - Mitsche Award, the Heyn - Medal and the Burkhardt prize, the distinguished service cross 1st class of the President of Germany, the "Order of the Rising Sun" of the Japanese Emperor, and the Centennial Award of the Japan Ceramic Society. He is fellow of the American Society for Material, The Amercian Ceramic Society, honoray member of the MRS - Japan, the Indian Association of Powder Metallurgy, the Korean Institute of Metals and the Korean Ceramic Society.

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